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Theatre | Music | Wine Tasting
Art Exposition and Installation | Regional Products
New Dates

21, 22, 23 JUNE 

Colares – Adega Visconde de Salreu 
Open form 3pm to 7pm

It was an initiative, a wonderful event, very well organized, I learned about the history of Colares wine, which I found incredible.

Sport União Colarense

João Oliveira, Sport União Colarense

In the first edition in March, it was very pleasant to experience the atmosphere and be part of something that is historic for everyone who lives in our municipality. It’s really worth coming to this second edition!

Lusitanus Sports

Jorge Firmino, Diretor do Projeto Lusitanus Sports

ELETRO-VINHO is an event celebrating 120 years of history in Colares. A unique opportunity to visit the mythical Visconde Salreu winery and let yourself be transported back in time, learning about the epic story of Ramisco wine and its connection to the tramway linking Sintra to the Atlantic. Colares now has a new history that will also be represented here through art, exhibitions and meetings. During these three days you can taste wines and other local products, watch the theatre show ‘O Elétrico e o Vinho de Colares” (The Tram and Colares Wine) with english subtitles, visit exhibitions and interactive installations, to the sound of Portuguese guitar played live in the space.

THEATRE 6pm-7pm

It’s the summer of 1904. The inaugural tram journey between Sintra and Praia das Maçãs brings together two illustrious guests from Lisbon: Bulhão Pato, a romantic writer, Eça de Queirós, a realist writer, and Alfredo Keil, a well-known musician and composer who owned one of the first houses in Praia das Maçãs.
Bulhão Pato had been caricatured by Eça de Queirós in “Os Maias” as the character ‘Tomás de Alencar’ and came to Sintra to confront Eça. Alfredo Keil appeared between the two, trying to calm tempers.  
A couple of “saloios” from Colares, with their amazement, rural life and simple, naive customs, appeared between the pair of writers. They taste Colares wine, talk about Inácio da Costa, the founding figure of Colares and the difficult cultivation of vines.  
The conflict reaches breaking point when Bulhão Pato takes out two pistols, gives one to Eça and challenges him to a duel. The duel ends awkwardly with the intervention of the hillbilly couple who unwittingly put themselves in the line of fire. 
Alfredo Keil manages to reconcile Eça and Bulhão Pato. An aria from the opera Serrana is heard, the last of the queijadas are eaten, the last of the Colares is drunk and the “Saloios” conclude: ‘Oh, how I love travelling by tram! What a great invention!’ 

MUSIC 3pm-5pm

Hugo Claro, musician and composer, began his musical journey in 1986 with the study of the electronic organ, followed by the accordion. In 1993 he devoted himself to the classical guitar and over the years he also explored other stringed instruments such as the bass, the 6- and 8-string electric guitar and the mandolin. In 2010 he embraced the Portuguese guitar, developing a self-taught approach to the instrument.
During the event he will present us with musical notes of his own, on a journey around the world through the sound of the Portuguese guitar, occasionally accompanied by percussionist Hugo Fontaínhas.

Meet Hugo Claro

WINE TASTING 5pm – 6pm

Colares wine is a central theme of the event and it will be possible to taste and/or buy some local wines, as well as sign up for a special wine tasting with Alexandre Agostinho, a curious oenophile and enthusiastic collector of experiences between friends, food and wine, who will give us a moment to tell us about the history of Colares wine and vineyards and to taste some of the wines from the Adegas Beira-Mar.

“Colares’ vine and wine culture was born in the 13th century, grew at the end of the 19th century, almost died out in the 20th century due to greed and fraud, the stock market crisis of the late 1920s, the two great wars and, above all, brutal urban pressure – only to be triumphantly reborn in the 21st century!
These are wines from a unique region: unique grape varieties in the world, the most original vineyards, the hardest production and the wines with the most… peculiar flavour!”




Visitors will be able to enjoy and get to know some of the products made in the Colares region: confectionery, spirits or healthy and organic sweet alternatives. A relaxed market where you can get to know the work of various producers in the region and buy some of their delicacies.

Gin Cacimba and Licores do Xavier, Encontr’Arte – Regional Artisanal Sweets, Arrobe and other traditional sweets by Ana Maria Apresentação, José Teixeira – Leather Crafts, Amor P’la Terra, Mr. Luís – Horticultural Products.


One of the exhibitions on display at the event updates the Visconde Salreu winery exhibition that was on show there in 2008 in favour of the centenary of the Colares wine region. You’ll be able to learn about the main historical facts as well as local curiosities, such as the fact that a fountain sprouted wine.  
Another of the exhibitions shows a retrospective of the work of ÉTER – Produção Cultural, with photography, graphic materials and scenographic installations alluding to shows. Visitors will have the opportunity to watch the Online Theatre in the ‘cinematograph’, a series of short videos ‘Encounters with Characters’ from the play ‘Os Maias’.
The Multimedia Installation is inspired by the history and production of Colares wine and the Inauguration of the Sintra Tramway in 1904, projecting images, music and sounds, with the possibility of interaction by the public. 


Curatorship: David Martins

THEATRE | Authors: Filomena Oliveira and Miguel Real | Direction: Filomena Oliveira and Sérgio Moura Afonso | Sound and Multimedia: David Martins | Original Music for Poems: Miguel Mendes | Cast: Cláudia Faria, Phillipe Araújo, Miguel Mendes, Rogério Jacques, Sérgio Moura Afonso | Technical Direction: Pedro Viegas | Technical Support: Rui Ramos
MUSIC | Portuguese Guitar: Hugo Claro | Classical Guitar: Miguel Mendes (as Bulhão Pato)
WINE TASTING | Oenophile: Alexandre Agostinho | Advisor: António Paulo da Silva | Support: Niza Grifo

Graphics: Vera Antunes | Digital Communication and Design: Ana Bruno | Photography: Filipa Vieira | Set up: Nuno Teixeira | Front of House Coordination: Catharina Didelet | Front of House: David Grenho and Inês Afonso | Bar: José Teixeira | Security: Hugo Fontaínhas

Executive Producer and Communications: Cláudia Faria | Production Assistant: Catharina Didelet
Co-production: ÉTER – Produção Cultural and Sintra Town Council

Special thanks: Mr António Bernardino Paulo da Silva,
And to: Vicente Paulo, Izz Canó (Adega de Colares), Ana Alcântara and Catarina Serpa (CMS)