Vieira – O Sonho do Império

by Filomena Oliveira e Miguel Real

ÉTER - Vieira O Sonho do Império


On the different scenes, the characters, the music and the images, reveal us moments of the life of priest António Vieira, an outstanding figure of the History of the Culture of Portugal and of Brazil, not only like one of the biggest orators of all the times, but also a daring politician, diplomat and missionary.

 He defended two prevalent ethnic minorities in Brazil from the XVII century: the black slaves and the natives. For the black men condemned to an inhuman and merciless work in the plantations of sugar, though he never asked for the abolition of the slavery, he demanded the Christians respect and to be treated as humans; for the Indians, in the Pará and Maranhão, he defended the creation of Missions, where, through Christian education, the Indians were integrating into a new society.

 In Europe he defended the neo-Christians and the Jews as a way of economical rehabilitation of Portugal, he was taken as a prisoner and condemned by the Inquisition; of his contact with Judaism and, being inspired in the ‘Ballads’ of Bandarra, he created the most grandiloquent Portuguese providencialist theory: The Fifth Empire, which will have its very splendor in ‘ Message ‘ by Fernando Pessoa.


Ficha técnica e artística

Texto: Miguel Real e Filomena Oliveira;

Encenação: Filomena Oliveira;

Música original e orgânica sonora: David Martins;

Voz: Andreia João


(Padre António Vieira) António Mortágua;

(Governador, Rei D.João IV, Inquisidor) João Brás,

(Tupi, Inquisidor Mor, Escrivão)

Filipe Araújo;

Guarda Roupa e Adereços: Ana Bruno e MNT;

Desenho de Luz: Carlos Arroja e David Martins;
Operação: Flávio Martins ou Bruno Oliveira:

Video-Montagem: AnaF;
Fotografia: André Rabaça;
Ilustração: Luís Lázaro;

ÉTER – Produção Cultural e Museu Nacional do Teatro;


Cendrev, Carlos Arroja.